What’s next? Meal replacement shakes for kids?!

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I posted this in April (2014) and having seen this meal replacement shake in a Boots store I was in today, it re-ignited my annoyance again. So here is the updated post as I focus more on fussy eating based on my experience over the last few months……..

I was watching the tv last night and was horrified to see an ad for ‘PaediaSure Shakes’ – a meal replacement shake for kids. What?!

PaediaSure Shake. The delicious supplement drink for children who are fussy eaters

According to the blurb

“PaediaSure Shake is a formulated food supplement drink for children aged 1-10 years. If your child is going through a fussy eating phase, PaediaSure Shake has been created to help you get them back on track”

This is the worst thing to give to a child to help them eat normal food!  I have this awful picture in my head of mum and dad sat on the sofa on the slim fast plan, with…

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