Take it with a pinch of salt?

Please read my updated blog on salt in food. As a new study revealed yesterday (7.8.14) some cheese is saltier than sea water! We need to think about how much cheese we eat if we are to stay within our 6g daily allowance.

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This was something I wrote for Salt Awareness Week (10-16 March 2014).

Updated 7th August 2014, following reports on the high salt content of cheese.

salt1. What is the maximum amount of salt we should consume per day?

Adults should eatno more than 6g of salt a day (about a teaspoon). The current average salt intake however is just over 8g, and many are eating more than this, primarily a result of the amount of hidden salt we eat in processed, convenience foods. Babies and children under 11 should have less salt than adults.

The daily recommended maximum amount of salt children should eat depends on age (Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, SACN, 2003)

  • 0-6 months – less than 1g salt / day
  • 6-12 months – 1g salt / day
  • 1 to 3 years – 2g salt / day
  • 4 to 6 years – 3g salt / day

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