#Softdrink Rant Alert!

On Saturday I took my family to see Kung Fu Panda 3 at a local Cinema (one that is akin to Roman times if you know what I mean) . My son, who is 3.5yrs old of course took a liking to the special Po drinking bottle. So did I actually but I guess I have to be the grownup sometimes. It was in the shape of the lovely, cuddly Po with a handy hole in the head for a straw.  The cinema was offering this bottle as part of a deal with a small kung fu popcorn.

What I was hugely disappointed about (OK I was fuming mad!) was that I was not given any option to have WATER in this bottle instead of a soft / fizzy drink. I was repeatedly told that the deal only came with the fizzy drink.
A. Why should I feel forced to purchase the fizzy drink? The look of disbelief on the member of staff’s face was very interesting when I asked for water. I also wondered what would have happened if I said my son was allergic to popcorn but let’s not go there yet.

B. My son does not like these drinks (thank God!) and CHOOSES to drink water.

I fully appreciate the cinema is about having a great time, treating yourself and stuffing your face but this is where my professional head sticks up – as a food provider they are responsible for providing a range of food and drink options and that should include MORE healthier options. Why should the healthier option be so difficult and the most expensive? I refused to pay nearly £6 for a snack and drink, to tip the drink down the sink and fill it up with water????

In light of the current concerns about sugar consumption in children, the high rates of tooth decay and the recent announcement to apply a sugar tax, surely they should move to offering FREE water as an EASY OPTION?!

My son was so upset he couldn’t get a Po bottle (as was I) and I resent being made to feel guilty because of the limited options placed upon me.

Has anyone else experienced this? What do you think?


Penny for your thoughts........

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