Guilty Pleasures

This page is about those foods you can’t really do without


For me it’s doughnuts (particularly since someone gave me a custard krispy kreme, although I’m still partial to a good old-fashioned sugary jam doughnut!)…………….and carrot cake……………oh and cheesecake 😉

You don’t have to admit anything here, I am not here to judge – this is about the good stuff and the bad stuff that tastes amazing, and what effects it can have on us.


The Great British Christmas Stuffing

Not sure about this one but have a read – The Double Donut Burger is Just Wrong!

National Biscuit Day!

Have a doughnut

Death by Mr Whippy

Confessions of a binge drinker

Desert Island Desserts

Chocolate Facts of the Day

Is Chocolate Addictive?

Chocolate and Migraines

Chocolate improves heart health

Chocolate and Diabetes

What’s in your curry?


Penny for your thoughts........

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